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Lower fees than Visa / PayPal & less bureaucracy



Pay with cryptocurrencies wherever you want



Ability to convert crypto payments into fiat currency


Omni Channel

Supports both e-commerce & physical retail sales



Easy to implement without prior knowledge of crypto



Discounted service fees on The Luxury Platform


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To Increase Your Income

Real Use Case


If you have invested money in a yacht, you want to ensure it’s taken by a team of industry professionals, we are the right operator to run a complete open book transparent management cost system.

Private Jet

By placing your aircraft under the watchful care of The Luxury professionals, you can rest assured that the management, planning, crew and maintenance of your aircraft is given the same level of attention as that of our own fleet.

Luxury Properties

We Manage Your Property While Maximising Your Profits
Our team can help you to increase your return on investment by transforming your property into a holiday home (apartment or villa) that will be perfect for short-term leases.

Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services

Auto Concierge

The vehicle is an extension of one’s achievements and personality. Give more than just a car: a personal lifestyle assistant at the owner’s disposal.


From check-in to check-out, a Guest Luxury Services Agent is always prepared to respond to Guest requests at lobby, as a host, or during promotional activities.


We help real estate developers and enhance luxury properties by offering a lifestyle, more than just beautiful interiors or offices.


Whatever you want – Whenever you want it. No matter how big or small. No matter what time of day or night